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TIPES High Speed Trap

The Electronic Trap (USTB or Normal Trap)

The Electronic Trap offers automatic detection capability for TIPES rings. The trap is powered from the MC2100 automatically.  Your pigeons will get used to the trap quickly.  They will accept entering the loft through this entrance when they learn that they are no longer caught after racing.  Please refer to the trap mounting instructions for proper setup and installation.

Please note that the driver capabilities are maximum up to 3 antennas on the USTB connector. You could check the power consumption by the LED of the end of line connector. Please refer to the manual of the USTB antennas. The new ring TIPES MC603 (Philips Hitag S) is the new generation of electronic ring. The next step with TIPES in the future. The TIPES MC603 ring have a clone security system, this means that it is not possible to clone a TIPES MC603 ring.

1-Field Trap 2-Field Trap 4-Field Trap
$295.00 USD
$383.50 CAD
(Not in stock)
$335.00 USD - Now $234.50
$435.50 CAD - Now $304.85
30% Off - While Supplies Last

$415.00 USD
$539.50 CAD

Depth  10" / 250 mm
Width    7" / 180 mm

Depth  10" / 250 mm
Width   12" / 300 mm
Depth  10" / 250 mm
Width   22" / 560 mm
 Construction Only
  2-Field $45.00 USD
.--......$58.50 CAD
..................(Not in stock)
4-Field $70.00 USD
..--.....$91.00 CAD
...................(Not in stock)

TIPES Dummy Traps
$35.00 USD
$45.50 CAD
4-Field dummy trap, without construction, to be used as a trap without electronics or cables. Remove your real trap from hazardous whether during the off race season.