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Electronic Bands


The electronic pigeon ring is part of the breeder's equipment. Completing the basic system (PROFESSIONAL or JUNIOR) and the electronic traps (single- or quad-field). The electronic ring is required for registration and identification of the pigeons.

The TIPES~ Ring - How does it work?

Every pigeon will receive a codifiable electronic ring containing a fixed unique reference number. Prior to the start of the pigeon racing season this TIPES ring reference number must be allocated once to a specific pigeon so as to enable TIPES to display the permanent ring number on the control unit and on the printed records. The allocation takes place at the club.

During the registration process for a specific race, a random secret code number is generated in the TIPES ring. The number is stored in both the ring and control unit. The secret number differs from race to race and can not be retrieved by the breeder.

Registration of a pigeon takes place on arrival. When a pigeon enters the loft the ring is activated and transmits its fix code number to the electronic trap. At the same time, the random secret code number is checked for correctness.

The integrated miniature electronics in the ring requires no battery, enabling a service life of at least 5 years.