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TIPES Office Unit V2.34 TEE400-24US

    $595.00 USD
$773.00 CAD
  The office unit is used for allocation and basketing the birds with the MC2100 and Tipes Profressional. The allocation procedure you have to connect a PC (personal computer), additionally, to the basketing unit. This is used to assign the electronic ring number to the association ring number of the pigeon.

The Basketing Unit is used to put your pigeons on an Official Race. For more details please refer to the TIPES Manual
Race Office Unit
TIPES Office Unit ESA4000
  TIPES ESA4000: $879.00 USD
$1,142.70 CAD
Not in Stock
  • No additional expense in the application place.
  • Storage of up to 1300 pigeons.
  • Security for each breeder.
  • Compatible with all control devices
  • No software adjustment for the operational needed

Security has one name! TIPES ESA4000

The use of TIPES ESA4000 is the ultimate security solution for the deployment location. Basis is the ESA400.

During each application procedure the application data of the pigeons from all breeders are stored in the TIPES ESA4000 . In the event that the operating device TIPES malfunction after the data was entered, the flyer/breeder with a spare clock, TIPES MC2100 will be able to restate its pigeons despite that.

After the race, the MC2100 is attached to the TIPES ESA 4000 for a printout. The TIPES ESA4000 balances the data and generates as usual a clock printout.

Race Office Unit

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