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Finally!! No more dot matrix printing
Thanks to the New UNIVES Box

The TIPES MC3000 system is a communication node that supports the Tipes and UNIVES protocol. The node is designed to work as a protocol converter. Through the standard UNIVES interface external systems can be connected to this node.

The most sophisticated and experienced pigeon identification and racing real time systems on the market. TIPES is a simple-to-use system that allows precise and automatic measurement of pigeon racing performance. Naturally, you can’t wait to get this state of the art equipment running,but before you start, it’s worthwhile taking the time to read through the manual.


When printing with the MC3000, the club unit is not required, the time will be obtained directly by the GPS (Same as the club unit) therefore, please do not connect the two together.

The MC3000 screen will always shows the standard time, however the daylight saving time will be corrected by the control unit/clock.

All printers with the emulation PCL 5 and higher (Printer Command Language) will work with the MC3000 regardless of the brand name.

Multi-function printers and printers with GDI (Generic Download Install) emulation will NOT work with the MC3000.

When you purchase a printer, make sure that you will check the emulation which is normally specified under "Specs" or "Print languages".

TIPES MC3000 Manual

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Included Cable for connection to GPS Mouse or GPS eTrex