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Tipes products
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Multifunction Clock

TIPES MC1100 TIPES MC3000. TIPES High Speed Trap
The new generation of the electronic realtime identification system.
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Tipes MC2100

The power of Tipes MC2100
Faster than other systems.
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No more dot matrix printing, thanks to the "UNIVEX box MC3000" more
Speed has a new Name. The High Speed Trap from TIPES.
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TIPES High Speed Trap
TIPES Race Office V2.34 TIPES MC603 E-Bands
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TIPES MC601 E-Bands
>>>> more Only available in 2018
The basketing unit (Club Unit) is used for allocation and basketing.
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Tipes Race Office TEE400-24US Tipes M603 Tipes MC601 When a pigeon is clocked, the MC2100 sends the pigeon's data to a given phone number.
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Tipes SMS-Box
Electronic Timing System
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TIPES Used E-Clock V2.02b

Tipes GPS Mouse TIPES Carrying Case
Tipes Ring Scanner These clocks are the TIPES Professional system with the latest version.
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Tipes E-Clock V2.02b This GPS is required to obtain the satellite time at shipping and clock off.
For the MC2100, the MC1100
and the Professional Systems.

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TIPES Carrying Case
TIPES MC20 Printer TIPES MC2100 Display
Optional White Screen Display
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Tipes MC20 portable
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Tipes MC20 TIPES mobil
Track Race Data Live
Anywhere You Go!
Coming Soon

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MC2100 Display
Tipes MC2100
Tipes Race Office TEE400-24US Tipes SMS-Box TIPES High Speed Trap Tipes MC20 Tipes M603