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The manufacturer, Motz Computer GmbH, offers the following guarantee to the first purchaser of TIPES components:

  1. The guarantee is valid for 12 months, batteries 6 months, commencing when the unit is handed over to
    the purchaser which must be verified by purchaser's invoice or similar documentation.
  2. The guarantee covers all parts or components which fail due to faulty workmanship or faulty material.
    The guarantee does not cover TIPES components where defects or poor performance are due to misuse, faults
    in the building wire, accidental damage, neglect, faulty installation, unauthorized modification or attempted
    repair or failure to use the unit in accordance with the operating instructions.
  3. Should guarantee repairs be necessary the purchaser must inform the nearest customer service (distributor
    or authorized service partner).
  4. The guarantee or free replacement includes both labor and materials. Freight must be paid by the purchaser/customer.
  5. Repairs carried out under guarantee do not extend the guarantee period. Parts removed during guarantee repairs become the property of Motz Computer GmbH.

The warranty may not be made if:

  1. the damage is caused to improper use of the unit due to an incorrect connection or improper operation;
  2. the unit was not maintained as per the recommendation of the manufacturer and the damage is caused thereby;
  3. the damage is caused to any modification of the device;
  4. the damage is caused by force majeure, such as lightning;
  5. the damage is caused by leaking batteries or by the use of spent batteries or inappropriate;
  6. the damage is caused by wear and tear caused by overuse of mechanical parts.
  7. Lamps and fuses are not covered by the warranty.